End of the summer and end of an era…

August 31st, 2007 | Comments Off on End of the summer and end of an era…
Posted by J.R. Bookwalter under Gadgets, Random Thoughts, Tempe Entertainment

Wow, this has been a fast summer, not unlike last year! But it’s been one of the best summers in recent memory, too.

Things kicked off on June 29 with the release of Appe’s iPhone. Yes, I was one of the geeks who waited in line for 6 hours outside of my local AT&T store to get one (two actually, since the wife wasn’t about to allow me to get just one for me!), and it lived up to (and exceeded) all of my expectations. I’ve actually become a more social person as a result, since I can now leave the house and still service my Internet addiction. 😉 If you haven’t gotten one for yourself, go immediately to an Apple or AT&T store and hold the thing in your hand… you will want one too!
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