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Posing with my sister Jennifer in full "Dead Nate" makeup from my abandoned film THRILLSHOW (1983) Shooting my high school version of the CREEPSHOW chapter "Father's Day" for something called... THRILLSHOW! From L to R: Brian Brown, Michelle Henderson (as Aunt Bedelia!), Kirk Goodwin, my sister Jennifer (as Dead Nate!), David Barton, Jay Shaffstall and yours truly. (Fall, 1983) On the set of DAY OF THE DEAD after my cameo with my college roommate Michael "D.O.C." Porter and the man himself, director George A. Romero. (Winter, 1984)
One of my photo projects from Art Institute of Pittsburgh... we had to do a self-portrait of someone we admired so I chose Sting from his Police days (Fall 1984) The cast & crew of my college short film GO INSANE (Spring, 1985) Shooting my GO INSANE short in college with zombie Maria Anzalone. That Synchronicity T-shirt was a silkscreen project from high school. LOL! (Winter, 1984)
Fake "Two Tigers" band photo with roommate D.O.C. Porter at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Spring, 1985) Cat lover in Kiev, Ukraine (Sept. 2005) Boating on the Dniper River in Kiev, Ukraine (Sept. 2005)
I don't really drink martinis. (Sept. 2006) My cat Angelique in mid-yawn (Feb. 2007) Two of my three favorite ladies, Angelique the cat and Samantha the dog. Yes, they're friends! (Feb. 2007)
Walking my dog Samantha (Spring 2007) Visiting Pittsburgh, PA (May, 2007) Patronizing an all-time favorite (Feb. 2008)
Visiting Bookwalter, Ohio... the only landmark was this little church! (Feb. 2008) A non-salute to my new "friends" at the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, D.C.! (July, 2008) The wife & I with niece Olya and nephew Ilya (Kakhova, Ukraine - Sept. 2008)
Even kids in Ukraine love the iPhone! (Kakhova, Ukraine - Sept. 2008) This should be my new profile picture. (Yalta, Ukraine - Sept. 2008) Relaxing on the uncle. (Kakhova, Ukraine - Sept. 2008)
I didn't really eat a whole plate of shashlik. Really! (New Kakhova, Ukraine - Sept. 2008) 'Nuff said. And yes, had to Photoshop in the cat because she wouldn't cooperate. (Dec. 2008)
Just a swingin'. (Oct. 2009) Hanging at the park. (Nov. 2009) Cutting down the Bookwalter family Christmas tree. (Dec. 2009)
Bookwalter Family Christmas Card (2009)   
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