More DEAD NEXT DOOR soundtrack plugs: Let the good vibes roll!


Seems like you just can’t keep a good (er… mediocre?) zombie movie soundtrack down! Yes, there’s been even more plugs and kudos for my inaugural soundtrack music effort, THE DEAD NEXT DOOR.
First up is an interview I did with DAWN director Jay Reel a couple weeks back which has just made its way to


And more recently, Mars over at gave the soundtrack CD a heck of a nice plug! Some choice cuts:

“…a very effective collection of spooky musical noise that belies its humble genesis… The fine folks at Tempe Sound have done a wonderful job in resurrecting this very personal, expressive and charming piece of horror history. I highly recommend it to any genre fan looking for something that will warm their jaded hearts in this cold , digital age. 3 1/2 stars (out of 5)”

Look for that review to go live on Monday, June 9 at!

More to come!

Stay sick!

J.R. Bookwalter - The Dead Next Door (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)



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