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Derek M. Koch over at Mail Order Zombie sent over his show notes for this week’s podcast which includes a quick review of THE DEAD NEXT DOOR soundtrack CD:*****

When making a low-budget horror movie, the director ends up wearing quite a few different hats. The director will often times end up being the producer, cinematographer, editor, special make-up effects artist, actor and so on and so on. By the time first-time filmmaker J.R. Bookwalter completed The Dead Next Door, he had not only filled several of these roles, but he also filled the role of composer.

And he did it fairly well.

The score from The Dead Next Door has a definite John Carpenter influence. It’s thick with synthesizer sound and drum machine-supported rhythms, but there’s also a touch of Romero influence. That is, every once and a while, a track might sound a bit like it was influenced by music from a public domain music library ala Dawn of the Dead. I don’t know if this was intentional, but given the kinds of movies Bookwalter must have seen prior to making his own zombie movie, this wouldn’t surprise me.

I’ve heard movies scores described as being “tone poems,” and this score definitely fits that description. Even if I hadn’t seen The Dead Next Door, I would have definitely been able to identify this music as belonging to a low-budgetter from the late-80s/early-90s. It’s obvious that Bookwalter didn’t just pull out the keyboard and start hitting keys – there’s a deliberate sense of escalation in some of the tracks. The tension builds not just in the individual songs, but throughout the entire CD, so when the final track “Left for Dead” hits, you feel like you’ve been taken a complete undead journey.

Make no mistake – this is pure 80s synthesizer stuff, and if that sort of thing turns you off, you’re not going to be a huge fan of this CD. However, as a movie score collector myself, I really enjoyed it. It’s technically well-produced, and will fit in quite nicely along side your soundtrack from the original Dawn of the Dead or Zombie. Mail Order Zombie gives this CD release 4 Headshots out of 5.

The CD release of the soundtrack to The Dead Next Door is available through,, and will soon be available through iTunes, Napster and other online music sites.”


And last but not least, I had a lengthy chat with Tobias Piwek at Metal Coven in Germany via MSN the other day, and the fruits of that interview are now online. It’s mostly about DEAD NEXT DOOR leading into chatter about the soundtrack.

Still more to come!

Stay sick!

J.R. Bookwalter - The Dead Next Door (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)



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