Oh dear God, I’m tone deaf…!



Ready for a blast from the past? I lost my sanity recently and decided to start digging into the Tempe audio vaults and issue a series of soundtrack releases. Now, die-hards know that the Tempe website has been selling some homegrown CD and cassette soundtracks for awhile now, but those were never intended for the general public (or people with good musical taste, LOL).

That said, being the completist that I am, I figured since I’ve almost wrapped up my years-long quest to release all of my old flicks on DVD (only the worst of the lot, ROBOT NINJA, remains), there was no harm in doing the same for the soundtrack music. Especially in these heady iTunes days where a simple click and charge to the credit card can get you fresh music!
So, I decided to go back to where it all started, with my own score for my first feature film, THE DEAD NEXT DOOR. This one has never been released in any form — not even for fun — so it only seemed natural to start at the beginning. As I mentioned in the liner notes of the CD version, John Williams it ain’t (it’s not even John Carpenter!), but fans of the movie or bad synth music in general will probably get a kick out of it.

Did I mention a CD? Why, yes I did. Although my main mission in releasing all this music is to get it into the downloadable e-stores of the world, my old-fashioned ways got the better of me so I decided to have a few CDs made as well. The CD is already available for preorder on Amazon.com (click the link below to sample the tracks!) and will soon be available at DeepDiscount.com as well as Tempevideo.com (with others to come down the road, like CDBaby). And we’ll be launching TempeSound with both barrels blazing, since the soundtrack will soon be available for download at all iTunes stores worldwide, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, GroupieTunes and Lala.

May 20, 2008 is the street date for THE DEAD NEXT DOOR Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, and in the months to come I’ll be infesting your iPod further with my scores to ROBOT NINJA and SKINNED ALIVE (which were only ever issued on a very limited cassette version) as well as Matthew Jason Walsh’s remastered scores to THE SANDMAN, POLYMORPH, BLOODLETTING, ZOMBIE COP and KINGDOM OF THE VAMPIRE (1991). There may be a few other releases issued as well, since Tempe owns the score to John Russo’s MIDNIGHT 2: SEX, DEATH & VIDEOTAPE (which is finally coming to DVD this year from SRS Cinema) as well as the hodgepodge of music from GHOUL SCHOOL. Heck, I even have an old CD I put together for family & friends of some honest-to-God songs (with vocals!) I did back in the ’80s that I might even throw into the mix.

Beethoven would be proud.

Stay sick!



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