End of the summer and end of an era…


Wow, this has been a fast summer, not unlike last year! But it’s been one of the best summers in recent memory, too.

Things kicked off on June 29 with the release of Appe’s iPhone. Yes, I was one of the geeks who waited in line for 6 hours outside of my local AT&T store to get one (two actually, since the wife wasn’t about to allow me to get just one for me!), and it lived up to (and exceeded) all of my expectations. I’ve actually become a more social person as a result, since I can now leave the house and still service my Internet addiction. πŸ˜‰ If you haven’t gotten one for yourself, go immediately to an Apple or AT&T store and hold the thing in your hand… you will want one too!
It’s been an ’80s retro summer for me, beginning in July with seeing The Police live for the first time ever. I was never one for live shows when I was younger, although I did manage to see folks as diverse as Billy Idol, Lionel Richie (?!) and Rod Stewart back in the day. The ’80s hits kept coming in August as Stan Ridgway came to Cleveland with his 25th anniversary tour of Wall of Voodoo’s “Call of the West” album. (Yes, that’s the one with “Mexican Radio” on it…) I’ve actually hung out with Stan a bit but never managed to see him live for one reason or another, and the show was an awesome treat. I’m topping off my retro summer on Sept. 14 when Thomas Dolby comes to Akron, which should be another great show if his live “Sole Inhabitant” album & DVD is any indication.

The morning after seeing Stan Ridgway, the wife and I jumped in the car and headed west for the first real 2-week vacation I’ve had in… probably ever! Within 48 hours we were in Flagstaff, Arizona and spent a day at the Grand Canyon before heading to Los Angeles for a week of sightseeing and catching up with old friends & co-workers. We hit Las Vegas the following weekend on the way back, and before I knew it, it was all over and I was back home in the salt mines.

What’s been keeping me busy? Well, I finally completed my long-threatened remastering of my 1991 horror/drama KINGDOM OF THE VAMPIRE, which makes its DVDebut on Oct. 30 alongside Brett Kelly’s superior Canadian remake. Those who know me know that I have a strange affinity for the original KINGDOM… despite its (many) flaws, I always felt it could be done better, and now you’ll be able to see for yourself. My version has been completely restored & remastered from the original S-VHS-C camera masters with a new stereo build & mix, so it looks shiny & new like many of the other discs Tempe has released in the past.

Speaking of which, following on the heels of this year’s remastered DVDebuts of ZOMBIE COP, MAXIMUM IMPACT and BASIC HOW-TO HALLOWEEN MAKEUPS, KINGDOM OF THE VAMPIRE marks the next-to-last of my original films to come to DVD. The last β€” and most conspiciously absent β€” is my second feature, ROBOT NINJA (1989). There are a number of reasons why I’ve held off on that flick, but you’ll be happy to know that I recently completed a new film-to-video transfer for ROBOT NINJA and it should be making its way to some form of DVD sometime in 2008 (I say “some form” because there are some rights issues I’m still addressing).

So what does that mean for the future? Beats me. I’m increasingly asked when I’ll step back into the director’s seat again for a new flick, and the release of my last 2 early films on DVD certainly marks the end of one era and the beginning of another. Stay tuned…

Stay sick!



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