DJ AM is dead! (Who the f#@k is DJ AM??)


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OK, with all due respect to those who knew & loved this DJ AM guy when he was alive… am I alone in scratching my head and thinking, “Who the fahrvergnügen is that guy, anyway?!” And he’s just one of an increasingly-long list of “celebrities” that make me feel old every time I log onto MySpace and see their dubious list of “Celebrity Updates” such as the one I screen-snapped this morning (above).

Seriously, man… in my day, deejays were goofy guys like Dr. Johnny Fever of WKRP IN CINCINNATI fame who could barely hold down a job as they jumped from radio station to radio station all across this great land of ours. The most “celebrity” these guys got was the occasional live remote at a local car dealership or shopping mall!

These days, we have to contend with hearing about DJs who aren’t even on the friggin’ radio! I mean, seriously… would anyone have ever heard of Samantha Ronson if she hadn’t started dating Lindsay Lohan? I guess she must be good at spinning some “def jams” in some trendy nightspots that I’d rather be dead than step inside of, but does that really make her a “celebrity”…?

And let’s go back to DJ AM for a moment. I think the first time I heard that joker’s “name” was after that fateful plane crash last year where he and another pseudo-celeb-I’ve-never-heard-of, Travis Barker, both survived. I scratched my head trying to figure out why either of those guys warranted an Associated Press news story when I hadn’t heard of either one of them! (Again, no offense to friends, family and fans… I assume they must have some.)

Now to be fair to these “celebs”, I’m not the hippest guy in the room. I was in my heyday back in the ’80s, listening to all that cutting-edge new wave music when the rest of my school was crooning Journey songs. But at least my bands were frequently on the radio — acts like Madness or Naked Eyes or Wall of Voodoo actually got airplay and plenty of MTV face time. People had actually heard of those bands, or at least knew them by the songs. (And people are still listening to that stuff even now.) I remember thinking that good music died in the ’90s, but the reality is, there was still an awful lot of good stuff in that decade (as my iTunes library reminds me). The real death of the music industry started around the year 2000, and almost 10 years later, it’s only gotten worse.

So no offense to Shanna Moakler or Samantha Ronson or Ciara or Clifton Collins Jr. or DJ AM… I don’t know who any of you are and chances are, my life is A-OK all the same. I watch more movies than anyone else I know, I consume a fair amount of television and I read a ridiculous amount of news & information thanks to RSS feeds. I hear your names, I see your “Celebrity Updates” on MySpace, but I still don’t care. Go ahead, call me an “unhip” old man if you want. I can live with that.

And oh, by the way… hey, you kids! Get off my damn lawn!



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