SKINNED ALIVE: The Musical…?



OK, not really… but thanks to the musical stylings of one of the cast members, you can sit back and imagine what it might be like!

This audio track comes courtesy of Michael Render, who played “Willard” in SKINNED ALIVE. Mike is a talented musician first & foremost, having been a founding member of Joy Circuit, the popular Akron-area band back in the ’80s who also contributed an end title track, “The Answer”, to THE DEAD NEXT DOOR. Mike’s other contributions to the Tempe Universe include a cameo in ROBOT NINJA and guitar tracks on the original (VHS-era) version of “Into The Black” (the end title track from OZONE).

And now comes this, a musical version of the scene in SKINNED ALIVE where the Willard character meets his untimely fate at the hands of Phink, Violet and Crawldaddy. It’s a hoot!

SKINNED ALIVE: The Musical (Demo) by Michael Render



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