But what if they all suck…?


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In case you haven’t heard, the classic, underrated 1986 horror comedy NIGHT OF THE CREEPS is finally coming to DVD in October. Until July 12, Amazon.com is having a neat little thing where customers can vote for which cover art the DVD will have (and entice you to pre-order at the same time, of course).

The problem is, all three of the covers being offered suck, and pretty much equally (see above if you don’t believe me). If I put out a Tempe title with a cover like any of those, I know how few orders I would be getting! But this is a much-beloved genre flick, and one whose absence on DVD has been legendary.

At the time I voted, 53% of customers preferred Option 1… no surprise that Option 2 had so few votes, because it’s far suckier than the other two. But really, the guy who designed this artwork should be put out to pasture (or at least downgraded to doing cover art for less-beloved Sony product).

Seriously, folks… is this the best you can muster? In a pinch, why not just go back to any one of the original posters and save yourself some money…? Here are but two examples, both of which are infinitely better:



Barring that, I guess go to the pre-order page and vote for whatever you think is less sucky…



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