R.I.P. Michael Jackson



Just about everybody is reporting the news this evening that Michael Jackson has died at age 50. If it’s indeed found to be true in the hours ahead, it caps off an already-sad day that began with Farrah Fawcett’s death at age 62. And, two more pieces of my childhood slip away, leaving behind their individual legacies of music, cinema and television.

I may have some more extensive thoughts on the matter later on, but suffice it to say that I grew up with Michael Jackson — from his early days with the Jackson 5 to the mind-blowing experience of hearing the Thriller album for the first time, and even up to his more recent work that was largely discarded by a fickle public weary of his personal dramas. And despite that whacky behavior and his alleged proclivities later in life, there’s no denying that he was a talented son of a bitch. Yes, I consider myself a fan.

I’m sort of horrified watching the assheads on Facebook distill the man’s life down to bad pedophilia jokes, but unfortunately, to the younger generation, all they really knew was The Michael Jackson Freakshow, day in and day out on their televisions.

Me, I had top-of-every-hour viewings of the THRILLER video on MTV… still one of the best music videos ever made. Or being exactly the right age to have seen that moonwalk dance and have your mind blown. That is the Michael Jackson that I am choosing to honor, respect and remember as he takes that last moonwalk into the great beyond.

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FUN FACTS: I think I was too in shock last night when I wrote this to remember that M.J. came to the Hollywood & Vine offices of Full Moon during my tenure there (must have been 1999?) to meet with Charlie Band about a line of toys. We lowly worker drones on the 8th floor (where the production & post offices were) weren’t allowed upstairs for that block of time, although many of us snuck around trying to catch a peek. WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE starlet Tanya Dempsey tweeted last night: “6 years ago I had the honor of attending Michael Jackson’s birthday at Neverland Ranch. It was one of the most magical nights of my life.” Lucky wench!



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