POLYMORPH infests Ukraine! Film at 11…


I had almost forgotten about licensing a couple of Tempe flicks to Ukraine a year and a half ago when DHL showed up this morning with copies of both POLYMORPH and OCTOBER MOON!

Long story short: My wife Svetlana is from Ukraine, and during one of my trips to visit her prior to getting married last August, I asked an interpreter friend of ours if she knew of anyone in the DVD business over there. Turns out she did, and a few meetings later, I inked a deal for the first two pictures with Gemini Film. Gemini happens to be the biggest distributor in Ukraine, and they have exclusive rights to all of the 20th Century Fox movies for theatrical and home video. So it was a good place to be, despite the fact that they didn’t pay much for my little pictures.

Their DVD label took a little longer than expected to get off the ground, but finally it’s official and here’s the proof:


I gotta say, their packaging is actually way slicker than ours! The DVD case slides into a nice cardboard slipcase… really makes the Tempe stuff look high-class! LOL Sadly the disc is pretty bare-bones, but it does have English, Russian and Ukrainian language tracks, for those of you who speak the language.

A nice addition to my big collection of my movies from abroad, especially considering POLYMORPH is so under-appreciated in this country.

Stay sick!



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