Photos: German ROBOT NINJA hijinks!



As I mentioned in a post back on March 23, my second “epic of the imagination” ROBOT NINJA got a screening in Kiel, Germany on April 14, and here’s the proof. I’m told a good time was had by all, and that the attendance was better than similar screenings for I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (so take that, Camille Keaton!).

More photos after the break. Check it!


METAL MAN vs. ROBOT NINJA on display!


Crazy (probably drunken) attendees display their free autographed swag.


More free drunken (?) swag on display.


Man of the hour, METAL MAN creator Tobi Piwek shows his colors… and proof that German beer is required to watch ROBOT NINJA!

Big thanks to Tobi for the photos!



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One Response to “Photos: German ROBOT NINJA hijinks!”

  1. JayReel Says:

    I want a Dead Next Door t-shirt to show off a Texas Frightmare Weekend! :o)