Blockbuster about to hit the skids?



According to a bit posted today on, Blockbuster may be wailing its final death throes at long last. Apparently, Big Blue has told the Securities and Exchange Commission that it “doesn’t believe it can continue business” and that it doesn’t believe it can remain a “going concern”.

I doubt anyone will be surprised by this… personally, I’ve had it out for Blockbuster for nearly two decades after watching their uncompetitive practices, particularly with their bullying abuse of independent studios. So, crash & burn, guys… Hell has a special place set aside for you.

P.S.: I should clarify that my hostility is aimed at Blockbuster Corporate and not at the former Movielink staff (disclaimer: Tempe deals with them), or the occasional cool franchise store who’s given indie flicks a chance to shine on their shelves.



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