Bad economy? Not at my mall…



The wife and I hit the mall today for lunch at Chick-Fil-A and a side trip to Macy’s so she could pick up some face cream before we did some baby thrift store shopping for Benji accessories.

So if the economy is so bad, why was the mall packed with so many shoppers??

OK, so the weather is nicer, Spring is coming and folks want to get outside. Maybe spending a Saturday at the mall walking around is what the doctor ordered? Could be, but from my unofficial count, most of them had at least one bag in their hand, which meant they were there to spend money and not to browse.

The wife tried for a good 15-20 minutes to buy her face cream at Macy’s… they were hosting some kind of an Esteé Lauder event at the front of the store, complete with a DJ pumping out some Eurotrash dance music that was so loud, I doubt the women working at the counter could even hear what people were ordering in the first place. She finally gave up and decided to come back during the week when everyone would presumably be at work.

Assuming they have a job to go back to, that is…



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One Response to “Bad economy? Not at my mall…”

  1. michaelarman Says:

    They must’ve all heard Obama’s radio address saying the economy was fine now. He got his stimulus passed.