Just when the ‘Nam-style flashbacks had stopped…


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Not sure how this slipped by me, but a flick I produced 8 years ago is resurfacing on DVD this Tuesday… yes, William Shatner lives again in GROOM LAKE!!

Dear God, make it stop…



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2 Responses to “Just when the ‘Nam-style flashbacks had stopped…”

  1. Richard Basile Says:

    We understand. You were young. You needed the money.

  2. J.R. Bookwalter Says:

    The sad irony is, GROOM LAKE wound up being the biggest-budgeted thing I’ve been involved with, yet I actually made the least amount of money from it… in fact, almost a year after it was shot, I had to negotiate for some DVD rights with the so-called executive producer in trade for the money I was owed, which is how WITCHOUSE 3, HELL ASYLUM and DEAD & ROTTING wound up on Tempe DVD… 🙁