Akron Screams! event roundup



The first Akron Screams! event is now a memory and THE DEAD NEXT DOOR was well-received by those in attendance.

At 6 pm, THE DEAD NEXT DOOR cast & crew who gathered were Jon Killough (“Vincent” and production designer), Barbara Katz-Norrod (“Dr. J” and production coordinator), Bogdan Pecic (“Dr. Moulsson”), production assistant Douglas Snauffer (who later went on to write WITCHOUSE 2: BLOOD COVEN for me, among others) and Jeff Welch (“Commander Carpenter”), who set up shop across from the Tempe table with his new band October Rising (more on them in the near future!).

The reunion capped off at 10 pm with a DEAD NEXT DOOR showing on the big-screen at the Akron Civic Theatre, which is definitely the first time I’ve seen it projected that large and I have to say it looked pretty decent all things considered. Before the screening the group hit the stage to say a few words and raffle off a copy of the DVD and CD soundtrack, and before you know it the show was over!

The hit of the show were the new DEAD NEXT DOOR T-shirts I had made, which are now available for purchase on the Tempe website (S thru L are $15, XL and XXL are $20, plus shipping). I’m also working on posters, which have been a frequent request from fans at the various conventions I’ve gone to.

Check out the Conventions & Appearances photo page for more shots! Special thanks to Tony and Matt who put on this flagship year of Akron Screams, and I look forward to them putting it on every year. And that wraps up my 2008 events!



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  1. LoneWolf Says:

    Hey I think it’s REALLY COOL that you got to show your movie there in Akron!!