Remember when… (iPod edition)



Apple’s iPod turns 7 today, although it seems like it’s been with us forever!

I still remember plunking down $399 to pick up the original 5 GB iPod. I was in Ohio producing DEAD & ROTTING when they were released, and since they couldn’t be found everywhere, I had to wait until my return to L.A. a week or so later to hit the Glendale, California Apple Store to grab mine.

It wasn’t my first MP3 player… that dubious honor goes to a crummy little unit whose name escapes me a year or two before the iPod was unleashed, one that could barely hold a handful of your favorite songs! So the promise of the iPod and its copious 5 GB worth of storage was just too good to be true.

At the time, for me iTunes was more of a jukebox to play my audio CDs than a way to store my music. That began to change when I picked up the iPod, which promised 2,000 songs in the palm of your hand. It really was like a rediscovery of music… once I started to rip many of my CDs into the computer and port them over, it was the realization of a dream to hold most of my music collection in one tiny device.

I held onto that original 5 GB iPod until the 20 GB model was out then skipped over the advent of the Windows version, the iPod Photo and the whole “losing Firewire for the dock connector” controversy, finally upgrading to a 60 GB iPod with Video back in 2005, which I still have today. My entire iTunes library is about 20+ GB, so I haven’t found a compelling reason to upgrade since then, especially when I now carry about 5 times the music of my original iPod in my 16 GB iPhone 3G!

Of course, we all know how this story ends… Apple has been the leader in portable music devices for years and is now threatening to do the same with cell phones thanks to some amazing numbers on its iPhone 3G. In case you haven’t heard, they sold more iPhone 3Gs last quarter than they did for the entire year-plus that the original iPhone was on sale, and they’re now ranked as the third largest cell phone manufacturer! Pretty amazing coming from the now-humble roots of the iPod 7 years ago.



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