Shamless plugs…


For whatever kooky reason, a few websites have done new interviews with me lately. If you’re into mindless babble or funny stories about William Shatner, take a gander…

The Keyhole – J.R. Bookwalter interview

And the folks at Arrow In The Head even went so far as to give a nice plug to the above interview…

Arrow In The Head plugs The Keyhole’s interview with J.R. Bookwalter

And finally, one last plug to The Keyhole for making this week “Tempe Week” on their website. Each day there’s a new review for one of our titles. Monday was the SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT documentary and Tuesday was my 1996 sci-fi flick POLYMORPH. You can get to those links on their home page:

The Keyhole

Stay tuned for more shameless plugs to the other interviews… 😉

UPDATE: The folks at just posted more of my babbling…dear God, WHY???’s interview with J.R. Bookwalter

YET ANOTHER UPDATE! Check out this fun interview at Uncensored Entertainment:

Uncensored Entertainment interview with J.R. Bookwalter!



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