Bittersweet triumph and movies in the future…


Oh my, has it really been since July 21 that I posted my last blog?? I guess I have had nothing to say, and truthfully more focused on my personal life lately than the drudgery of my profession.

So let’s see… to get up to speed since July 21…

Flashback Weekend and Twisted Nightmare were fun but economically dismal. I’m convinced the only reason to attend shows now is just to hang with the ever-shrinking handful of my close circle of trust and to meet cool new fans. What the heck, it’s all a write-off on next year’s income taxes, right?

THE DEAD NEXT DOOR was released to DVD by Anchor Bay on August 9. It was sort of a bittersweet triumph since most of the reviews gave it an open-handed spanking. I had to laugh because I’ve hated the movie for 15 years and now that I’ve made my peace with it after a year of remastering, everybody else hates it. Figures. LOL

Tempe DVD has been rather inactive of late, having released SATANIC YUPPIES on August 16 and… nothing else. But fear not, we have BONESETTER RETURNS / FINAL CURTAIN Double Feature coming on Nov. 15 and GIRLFRIENDS on Nov. 29. Most of my time has been spent putting the wraps on Jason Paul Collum’s OCTOBER MOON, which after a long and gruelling year is finally completed and I have to say, it’s one of the best flicks I’ve been involved with in quite some time. Look for that one in stores Feb. 14, 2006. The rest of the 2006 schedule will be pretty meager… the DVD biz sucks ass so I’m retooling and cutting back to only 6 releases for now, maybe with a few combo packs thrown in for good measure. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll be asking “Do you want to super-size that?” in 2007… it sure looks like a better option than the way this so-called movie industry is going.

I’ve been spending a lot of time overseas lately and each time I come back and start to hate Los Angeles a little more. I’ve been threatening to relocate to Ohio every year for at least 3 years… so we’ll see.

Finally, I picked up one of the new 60 GB iPods with video. All I have to say is, this is the future! For kicks I encoded THE DEAD NEXT DOOR and POLYMORPH and loaded them onto the iPod and the quality is pretty amazing. Someday we’ll all be walking around with these things, loaded with all of our favorite movies, photos, songs and probably games eventually too.

Oh, and there’s a new interview with me blabbing on and on about THE DEAD NEXT DOOR and other nonsense. You can catch that here, if you dare!

J.R. Bookwalter interview on Hollywood Babble-on



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