Let’s get together and do this again real soon…



Holy smokes! I must make a habit of writing blogs more frequently than every 8 months!

So what’s been happening?

The year started off on a sour note with the death of my cat Gumbo on January 24. We had been pals for nearly 15 years and it pretty much tore me apart to watch her succumb to kidney failure last year. She was a trooper and pulled out of it, but only for a little while. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 months and damned if I still don’t miss that lil’ gal.

On a happier note, I made my long-threatened relocation back to Ohio in early March, a decision that I have zero regrets about. Los Angeles will always be my second home, but over the last couple of years I’ve just realized that I’m a Midwest kid at heart.

Tempe DVD product can now be found at Critics’ Choice (the parent company for DeepDiscountDVD.com and DVDPlanet.com)… we haven’t had our stuff in there since pulling out of Ventura a few years back, so that was a nice account to reclaim.

I finally finished remastering THE SANDMAN for DVD and the fruits of that labor will be in stores on September 19 (we just got them in stock last week so they’re already being sold at the website). It’s got the requisite stock of special features, although some folks might find it a bit lighter than the previous SE discs… sorry ’bout that, but there just wasn’t as much material available this time around. It’s still a mighty slick package, so check it out.

A double dose of conventions coming up! First I’ll be in Chicago at Flashback Weekend, July 28-30. Then I’ll be back in Middleburg Heights, Ohio for Twisted Nightmare Weekend the following weekend, August 4-6. So swing on by, say hello and pick up your copy of THE SANDMAN.

On other fronts, Tempe has GENUINE NERD coming on July 25 in our ongoing partnership with Wayne Alan Harold’s Lurid Entertainment. This fascinating doc on AMERICAN SPLENDOR star Toby Radloff is a great companion piece to our 2002 release TOWNIES! Coming up on August 15 is Jay Reel’s vampire yarn DAWN, the second release from my new Fat Cat DVD division. This one is a personal favorite of mine and comes highly recommended. And while you’re at it, take a look at our June 13 release PROJECT: VALKYRIE! Stay tuned because October will bring the release of Brett Kelly’s splatter-comedy MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND which is also a lot of fun.

Last but certainly not least, I’m tying the knot (again) on August 26! So that has been keeping me busy this summer when I’m not running the shop here at Tempe. More on the nuptials soon enough…



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