R.I.P. Don Dohler…



I guess from my now my blog will be mostly used to report the death of filmmakers. 🙁

Don Dohler is certainly not a household name in the indie world when compared to Robert Altman, but I had a lot of respect for the guy just the same. Those of you born before STAR WARS will certainly remember his late, great magazine Cinemagic (which he self-published before selling to Starlog Press, who continued the great legacy for 37 more issues). Don was also an accomplished filmmaker, and his debut feature THE ALIEN FACTOR was a big inspiration to my young peers and I. In the days before even home video, THE ALIEN FACTOR was a staple of our local syndication TV stations… quite an accomplishment even in this era! Dohler co-founded Timewarp Films in 2000 with actor Joe Ripple, and continued making flicks in the grand old indie tradition.

I didn’t know Don personally, but our paths crossed over the years as is often the case in this small world. I had no idea that he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and I was certainly sad to hear of his passing. I’m gonna break out that ALIEN FACTOR DVD that Fred Olen Ray’s Retromedia released a couple years back and give it a spin to commemorate the man!



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