Apple finally squashes iPhone bugs



While I was off vacationing in Ukraine the last couple of weeks, Apple pushed a huge update to the iPhone with version 2.1 of the software. I never got a chance to bitch-blog about the headaches I was having with insanely long backup times and having to delete & reinstall applications for the last few weeks because of major bugs in the 2.x system, but thankfully they’re all a memory.

Long story short, if you have an iPhone, you owe it to yourself to download iTunes 8 and iPhone 2.1. Applications install (and delete) way faster, backups are finally as zippy as they always should have been, music playlists now feature the artist name under the song titles and yes, no more of this nonsense with applications ceasing to work for no reason. Oh, and you’re supposed to get longer battery life and better 3G reception, which seems to be the case on my end. Kudos to Jobs & Co. on this one!



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