The Kremlin tries to poison American tourist with food!



OK, not really… especially since I was visiting Ukraine and not Russia. But I did suffer a pretty nasty bout of food poisoning last week while visiting the wife’s family in Kakhovka, Ukraine. We took a side trip for a few days to Yalta, a resort town on the Black Sea in the Crimea territory and I spent the first night emptying the contents of my stomach from both ends for literally a 12-hour stretch of the first night. (The photo above was taken well after I recovered, and no, I didn’t eat that whole plate of food.)

The next day, I was pretty much down for the count, but thankfully recovered the following day enough to drive our rental car 5 hours back to Kakhovka in order to return it on time. And that was an adventure unto itself, renting a car in a foreign country and driving the bumpy two-lane highway trying to keep up with our Ukrainian friends in the car ahead. And this was after the airline losing our luggage for 4 days the first week!

Anyway, the trip wasn’t all bad… we spent a lot of quality time with the wife’s family and I finally got to meet my 2-year-old niece & nephew, who were born just prior to the wife coming to America. It’s a long trip and after 2 1/2 weeks, I’m happy to be back home, where we’re preparing for our own new arrival in February while I make some changes to my business in the months ahead. Stay tuned!



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