R.I.P. Randy Rupp, 1959-2008



Very sad news today from the Cincinnati filmmaking community… BLOODLETTING and SATANIC YUPPIES star Randy Rupp passed away on July 30.

I first met Randy while in New Jersey at the Chiller Theatre show in 1996 where we were premiering POLYMORPH and casting for the forthcoming BLOODLETTING. At the time, the Cincinnati crew B+ Productions were there selling copies of their first feature, VAMPS: DEADLY DREAMGIRLS and promoting their latest, EVIL AMBITIONS (aka SATANIC YUPPIES). The Tempe crew did some good-natured drinking with Randy and fellow B+ cohort Paul Morris, and we cast them both in BLOODLETTING.

Randy Rupp’s turn as Ariauna Albright’s abusive ex-boyfriend in BLOODLETTING was easily the standout performance of that flick. As he did in SATANIC YUPPIES, the guy had a presence and could turn a short cameo into a highlight of the show.

I ran into Randy some years later when he moved to Los Angeles, and we hung out at my place and reminisced a bit. I heard sometime later that L.A. wasn’t so kind to him as an actor, so he moved to Chicago and settled on carpentry work. He continued to act with the B+ gang while I was out in L.A., and I certainly hoped to work with him again if ever the opportunity presented itself. Sadly, that day has passed.

Randy joins THE SANDMAN star Terry Lipko and THE DEAD NEXT DOOR & SKINNED ALIVE star Lester Clark in low-budget cinema heaven, and in my thoughts. My heart goes out to his family & friends for their loss.

Read Randy’s online obituary

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