MacBook Pro hard drive upgrade & Batman, all in the same day!


Finally got tired of having a mere 10 GB of free space on my main system, which is an Apple MacBook Pro with a 120 GB hard drive. I actually had to shuttle my 12 GB iPhoto library off to an external drive in order to install Windows XP via Boot Camp (jump back two posts for the details). So last Saturday, I hit my favorite online vendor for such upgrades, Other World Computing, and procured a 320 GB replacement drive for less than $200 and it arrived this gloomy, rainy morning.

The cool thing about this inexpensive upgrade is that it’s also faster… the original drive spun at 5400 RPM and the new one is 7200 RPM, which should make for snappier everything on my less-than 2-year-old laptop. I plan to port over my Boot Camp Windows XP install and give it more GB (probably 30 from the measly 10 I installed it with), then I can finally ditch my Parallels-only virtual XP drive completely.

I’m using the awesome (and free!) Carbon Copy Cloner now to clone my internal drive to the new one, then it will be time to crack open the MacBook Pro case, pop it in and I’ll be good to go (aside from creating a new Boot Camp partition and then copying over my previous Windows install). I had a moment of panic this morning when the new drive arrived — I had planned to use an external Firewire case to temporarily house the new drive while it cloned, forgetting that it’s the older ATA style and the new drive is Serial ATA (SATA). Ingenuity came to the rescue, realizing that an external Western Digital portable drive that I have is SATA, so I cracked it open like a clam, removed the drive and slid the new one in its place for the cloning. So far, so good.

The last laptop that I cracked open was my previous Powerbook G4, and neither of them are technically user-installable, which never stopped me from doing it. has great online guides for doing this stuff and I already ponied up for the correct tools some years ago. The MacBook Pro looks like the same procedure as the previous Powerbook, so I should be A-OK on that front.

Here’s hoping I can get this all done by 4 pm (cutting it close!), when I snag my nephew Zach and head to the local movie house to finally catch THE DARK KNIGHT. I’m guessing we’ll be the last people on the planet to do so, but what the heck… it’s been 12 days so now I can use of my Entertainment Book coupons to save a couple bucks. 😉

Viva la rainy days!



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3 Responses to “MacBook Pro hard drive upgrade & Batman, all in the same day!”

  1. Lurid Chief Says:

    I think I might have to spring for that hard drive upgrade, too!

    I caught a matinee of TDK yesterday and it’s made of “Win!” Pretty damn powerful for a movie that’s based on a funnybook. You guys should dig it!

  2. J.R. Bookwalter Says:

    Yeah man, so far this laptop is flying with the new drive! I dug THE DARK KNIGHT, but honestly not as much as I thought I would… something about Christian Bale’s Batman voice was kind of annoying this time and as usual with modern popcorn flicks, it was too damn long! I was looking at my watch a couple of times… LOL

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