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Catch me on

November 21st, 2009 | 2 Comments »
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Yeah, yeah… I know I haven’t been blogging much here lately. Freelance work has been consuming most of my time when I’m not with family (or trying to claw out an existence with the DVD biz), and this month I started blogging for, the web portal for Mac|Life magazine.

I realize it’s not of much interest for the folks who follow my movie work, but those who know me are well aware that the Mac (and most everything Apple) has been a longtime passion of mine, so it’s quite a thrill to be getting paid to write about the stuff for a change. You can get a list of only my posts by clicking here.

Fear not, I’ll keep posting nonsense here about the movie biz, too…


How Netflix is about to limit choices for indie movie fans (Updated 12/30/09)

November 16th, 2009 | Comments Off on How Netflix is about to limit choices for indie movie fans (Updated 12/30/09)
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TAINTLIGHT 72 dpi.jpg

Update 12/30/09: Thanks to everyone who added TAINTLIGHT to your queues, we finally received a buy on the title from Netflix yesterday so the title should be available from them shortly after the first of the year. You guys are my heroes!

So tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 17) is the street date for Tempe’s Splatter Rampage release TAINTLIGHT. It’s the latest horror parody from MULVA: ZOMBIE ASS KICKER! creator Chris Seaver, and as you can tell from the artwork above, it’s a parody of the book/film TWILIGHT. If you buy your DVDs, it’s available now at,, and all the usual suspects.

If you choose to rent, then unfortunately your options are now quite limited. Here’s why.
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